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General Interest / Schoolgirl Gets Thrown Off Piano By Airline Pilots
« Last post by Hugh Wallington on March 16, 2018, 11:32:14 PM »
Well, not exactly!  Well worth watching!

General Interest / BARGAIN AR100 FOR SALE
« Last post by john on March 12, 2018, 06:32:57 PM »
If any of you people out there would like an AR100, I have just spotted this one on eBay at 349 buy it now.

The Yamaha Genos Keyboard

A DEMO showing what the Yamaha Genos is really about. 

Don't give up on it after listening to the first part of the Demo.  I nearly did.  I wasn't too impressed with the song he played at the beginning (not my cup of tea).  And as for playing chords with two fingers?  Well, that's two fingers from me.  But then he gets into the real technological differences in this keyboard. 

First, the nine inch colour touch screen to access all the features.  So much better than pressing buttons 'next to the screen' for something you want.

Then there's the nine 'faders' that can control different things.  You can control the 'balance' between the various PARTS of a STYLE (Rhythm 1, Rhythm 2, Bass, Chord 1, Chord 2, Pad, Phrase 1 and Phrase 2).  That's 8 faders.  Perhaps someone can tell me what the ninth one is?

I'm sure that when we play something we all make sure there is a proper 'balance' between the STYLE (Rhythm and Chord, which have their own volume levels you can adjust for balance) and the voices we are using on the Lower and for the melody on the Upper, but how often do we take note of the balance between the various 'parts' in a Style?  A repeating piano too loud?  Or not loud enough?  On the AR you can make adjustments to the balance of the Style Parts, but have to do it on screen in advance, and SAVE to a USER slot.  How convenient to be able to do this 'live', in real time.

And then, for organists, those nine 'faders' can become DRAWBARS for the various flute footages.  16', 8' etc.  The complete range is shown below.

And then there's the 'rotating speaker' effect (Tremolo / Leslie).  On the AR you have FAST, or SLOW (or none at all).  And you can alter the rotating speed on screen, in advance, and SAVE it.  But again, on the Genos you can alter that speed in 'real time'.

Then, for the Classical player, as explained later in the demonstration, you can get different strings sounding depending on where you play them on the keyboard.  This innovation is called Kino Strings (German, meaning Movie Theatre).  And if you choose Ensemble Mode, if you  play one note, you get a violin.  If you play two notes together you get 1st and 2nd violins, panned hard left and right.  If you play three or more notes together, then added to the 1st and 2nd violins you get viola, cello, contrabass sitting in the middle (I think you would need two hands to play that lot, but then I did say 'Classical').  How amazing is that?  To play notes together and have different voices for each note, and 'panned' differently.  This feature is on both the Tyros 5 and on the Genos.

Then there's an Articulation button that modifies how eg. the mouth organ sounds when played.

You can tell that I am impressed.  But I think it would take the rest of my life to explore all it's features.  I am still discovering things about my AR, and I have had that since 1998.

Does anyone have a Genos Keyboard in addition to their AR?

And here's the Bach Toccata and fugue in D minor played with glasses (so you don't even need a keyboard)!

Klaus Wunderlich (1931 - 1997)

Klaus Wunderlich was born in Chemnitz. He played the Hammond organ during the first half of his career, briefly used Moog synthesizers and later switched to Wersi organs with which he created his own unique electronic sound. He was open to different music styles and played classical, operetta, Broadway musical, as well as popular music. He sold more than 20 million records all over the world and received 13 golden albums as well as one golden cassette.

I'm sure many of us remember Klaus from our younger days, and the magic he made with his organ.  I have come across this YouTube video of him playing.  A great recording and it really shows off his style and technique.  If you have the time, do have a listen .. it is an hour long!  This is where radio headphones really come into their own.  You can listen to Klaus, either while relaxing at home, or whilst doing one's bit round the house.


I think the Roland is a great organ.  If I hadn't had the AR I would have had one of those.  Peter Slack had the Roland AT 80SL and one of his recordings is on YouYube .. Lately.

It says AT 800sl in the desciption, but that is a typing error.

Christine's address for Countrywide organs is

Unit 20b,
Arrow Close,
George Stephenson Ind. Est,
Newcastle Upon Tyne,
NE12 6QN

THis month's (February 2018) bargains have AR80 @ 799, and AR100 @ 1299.

Good news but possibly old news now but WhitleyBay organs have risen from the ashes and having were taken over by the David Cooper the owner of One Man Band Music shop  of Banbury who handled keyboards only at the time.
W. B .O . re located to Banbury which places them in a better location in the U K fo delivering at least.

It's taken a couple of years but now they have a stock of pre owned organs on the web site and checking around they seem very competitive on prices, I think the same format of free delivery is still available , this is run by Jamie Edn's son who handles the deliveries and does technical repairs.

Recently when I was tempted to have a change but I found organ dealers are becoming few and far between, no longer advertising on the web, and some are using E.bay instead, this does not help if you have an organ to trade but I noticed recently that some are now putting in a price and also offer of trade in as well, so they could probably make the sale by auction or the buy it  option  as an alternative.

And this is where I found Christine, ( ex Whitley bay )  now I know there was some difference of opinion years ago and I am not advertising or  making recommendations in any way this is for information only, Christine left the firm and she is Trading as Countrywide Music  0191 704 2026 and has a web page but I did not find it on a Google search and would have missed her if I hadn't looked on E.Bay which was surprising, but regardless of what your feelings are on the historical detail this must be a welcomed addition in a shrinking  used organ market if you are seeking a change.
Yes it's itchy feet or perhaps fingers, but my Orla is going. I have had it two years ,nothing wrong with it, read Keith's assessment further down this page, I agree with all his comments.  I changed from the AR to a more user friendly organ which it is in many respects, lot's of good features, more up to date than the AR, I believe  but it has one annoying ( to me ) feature

In each banks of voices and also in the style section is a User button, this allows you to select an alternative style or voice when pressed but with 30 voice buttons in the three banks plus more when you hold down two buttons together to give around another 20 making about 50 voices  doubles when you use the user button,  to about 100 choices. This system also applies to the styles, it's a great feature.
But strangely enough I could not find a printed list of the voice options in their manual, in fact there is no mention of voice selection of any sort and they could not print all that information on the deck itself so unless you have a very good memory or you print your own list you can miss some good sounds.  Your selection does appear on screen after you have pressed the button.  The manual does fall down on several points because it is supposed to cover two different model the GT9000 DLX2 and the GT8000 but do not differentiate between them so you are not sure if what they are explaining is in your model  ! But I may not be using this feature correctly, playing on the fly will not work as trying to change a voice in mid play is too difficult so preparation by way of saving into the presets is a must and of course then if you wish to retain the settings it must be put onto a floppy disk.
So I thought perhaps a change and it may well be the last at my age, so what have I chosen ? A Roland  AT 80SL  and Roland don't make organs anymore so it's not a brilliant move !
What I like about my AR / would change on my AR / Re: Compared to a Pipe Organ
« Last post by Peter Anderson on February 27, 2018, 10:06:02 AM »
It is so easy to take things and people around us for granted.
Most of us really fail to appreciate the quality, range and terrific ingredients that are in our Yamaha AR organs.
Now, I am a very poor amateur, when it comes to playing, but I really enjoy doing so, and I often get blown away with the music, that even I can produce on this instrument, but the 'professionals' just amaze me, and I love to play their tracks.
Having ALL the JOT's safely on one small memory stick, to play back through my emulator, is very handy and so convenient.
The many JOT performances, that still keep coming are another case in point.  The AR does engender creativity from our members, who regularly prove that point.
Good to hear from you.
Best wishes,
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