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An organ to just sit and play - Peter Anderson
« on: March 09, 2016, 08:49:12 PM »
The greatest thing about my Yamaha AR, beside the terrific classic organ sounds that it produces, of course, is the main feature that the original designers were seeking.   Namely that it was intended for owners to simply sit down at this organ and play it.   You do not have to do very much to set it up in an acceptable manner.   Although you can tinker around, seemingly ad infinitum, to tweak the registration to your particular preference.

No.  It is that Registration Menu, that provides both Organ and Orchestral Presets at the touch of a button, to provide almost instantly, an attractive registration to enjoy.     It is not unusual for me to sit and play, and just explore this vast array of different sounds.   Even playing the same tune over and over, it never becomes boring (well not to me, though overhearers may disagree) because of the variety of registrations in 4 different genres  (namely Theatre, Jazz, Electronic and Classical) that are so easily selected.   I thoroughly enjoy using registrations that I would not normally be drawn to.   Of course, I nearly always finish the session with my inevitable favourites.   I have an AR80 that has plenty of these initial registrations, but the AR100 has so many more.

Even with a unique registration selected from the Menu, each one can be changed by pressing the Organ Variation button for up to further 3 times, to provide variety.

Smaller organs boast only one or two presets, if you are lucky, and many larger organs do not have the simple selection of so many presets, without a lot of fiddling about.

"An organ to be played", they said, and they were right.