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Rhythm Of The Rain - Tyros 5
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:22:31 AM »
We all enjoy listening to a piece of music when it has been superbly put together and played beautifully, whether it's played on a keyboard or an organ.  I just love the 'soft' saxophone in this piece, and the piano which contributes so much to the overall sound.

Rhythm Of The Rain .. Tyros 5 .. Brian Dawson

One thing keyboard players can do is to add that little bit extra into their music by doing it afterwards with 'multi-tracking'.  We can do this to a limited extent on our ARs by recording the Lower and the Upper separately.  So can use both hands to play on the Lower (or a 'split' Lower so one can play 'counter melodies' to the right of the split); and then whilst listening to that can use both hands to play the Upper.  Or, we can 'add that little bit extra' by playing the Upper manual and the Lower manual at the same time as the Upper is physically over the top of the Lower (something a keyboard player can't do).

If you have a keyboard and can record as MP3, there is a Forum called Tierce-de-Picardie (do you know what that means? .. look it up in Wikipedia!) you can join and upload your music for other Members to listen to.  There is information about the TDP site here:

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