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Jokes / There are Just two types of couple
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 20, 2018, 11:22:06 AM »

Posted on the occasion of the visit of the Duke and Duchess to Australia - Oct 2018
First to remind you of where Middle C is on the Treble and Bass Clefs.......

Middle C on the treble clef.                                   Middle C on the Bass clef.


.......and here are the ranges for the more common Brass instruments:

These are the sounding notes, not the music score notes, so that will assist you in relating these instruments ranges on your AR Keyboards.

In the next Reply, we consider using these brass instruments in groups.

Peter's Pearls / Re: No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 16, 2018, 09:14:35 AM »
"I've got the time, if you have the inclination!"
Peter's Pearls / Re: No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 16, 2018, 09:13:53 AM »
I have neither the time, nor enough inclination to 'doctor' the entire AR manual, so don't even suggest it.

However, when referring to a specific page, I may well spice them up for posting on the AR-Group.

Funny how an attractive page is read more often than a bland black and white one, and results in greater comprehension on behalf of the reader!

Just like food, presentation is everything.


p.s.   What did Big Ben say to the leaning tower of Pisa?
                  *   to find out, scroll to next Reply.
Peter's Pearls / Re: No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Roger Mardon on October 15, 2018, 08:31:04 PM »
Very impressed.
Peter's Pearls / Re: No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 15, 2018, 08:23:23 PM »
Attractive isn't it?
My manual is exactly the same as yours and everyone else's.

I have not only doctored but revised the layout order as well, to make it sensible for this one feature.
The wording is identical, but has been moved around to make following it through, logical.
Adding a bit off colour always adds to the effect.

Hope you like it, Roger.
Peter's Pearls / Re: No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Roger Mardon on October 15, 2018, 07:45:35 PM »
My manual is all black & white. Is yours really in three colours or have you enlivened it?
Not that it matters one iota, just interested.
Peter's Pearls / No__95___Using the Touch Tone Feature
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 15, 2018, 05:53:03 PM »
In posting Pearls about playing instrument voices authentically, I keep referring to The Touch Tone feature that we have on our Yamaha AR organs.

This is what your manual says on pages 33 and 34, about the Touch Tone feature on your AR.

This feature is so useful when using Woodwind or Brass instruments, to generate that initial burst of breath that a normal player will exert at the start of a musical phrase.      Equally when a string instrument player initially bows the string on his instrument.
But especially for piano and percussion voices, this feature comes into its own.

However, it is not an easy thing to master, especially when playing percussion voices in a piece of music that demands to be performed very fast.

You may want to experiment a little more with it, and brush up your ability to use it effectively, with a broad combination of voices.

The Tuba

Everything we have mentioned with regard to playing brass instruments authentically apply equally to the Tuba voice, such as play single notes (so select on the Lead Voice Ensemble button), no sustain or vibrato, think about attack, phrasing and breathing.

The Tuba is an excellent Voice to use in the right hand for solos, but it can also be effective with that 'Oompah-Pah' sound in your bass lines.

We have only the one voice on our Yamaha AR organs;


Though, I would recommend that you use the Tuba Voice at 8' on your pedals.   It is set at 16' by Yamaha on your AR, but having said that, it is entirely up to you.   Try both settings and see what you think.

Tubas come in all many different sizes.
This is reputedly believed to be the world's largest tuba.    It dates back to 1900, and is so large, that it takes 2 human beings and, therefore, I guess, 4 lungs to play it.

......and if you want to hear it played.......well I say, played, click on the following YouTube link.

This Tuba is owned by Carl Fischer Music Publishing, and is 'played' here by
Derek Fenstermacher,  who is the principal Tube player at   The New Jersey Philharmonic Orchestra,
         assisted on this occasion by  Steve Dillon

In the next Reply, you will find the ranges of these brass instruments......excluding the world's largest Tuba, of course.

Peter's Pearls / Re: No__20___ Exploring Liverpool Ballad (Found in Pop Organ)
« Last post by Peter Anderson on October 13, 2018, 03:34:38 PM »
I can't believe that it was nearly 8 years ago that I posted details about exploring the other 'hidden' voices already prepared by the Yamaha Designers, in our preset Registrations.

Each of these voices has been adjusted to blend with those main ones, that appear automatically when we press that second button, and these extra settings were all carefully selected by professionals to reach a high standard.

Having said that, not all of us play just like the professionals do, so some further alterations may be necessary, for us to appreciate using them, but we have a range of 'hidden' additional presets.

Now, a full 7 years prior to my initial posting on this board, Glyn Madden in his Yamaha Club Magazine, ably supported by Howard Beaumont, produced a series of 8 articles, where they take one preset Registration in our Registration Menu and explore some of the other voices already prepared in them.

You can read these article on the Yamaha Club Articles board.

The particular choices that Glyn or Howard select, may not be your cup of tea, but they are worth working through, to see just how they uncover the gems that are to be found already set up for us.    So this gets you used to doing some further exploration for yourself on other preset Registrations.

To read these articles (which will be posted weekly from today October 13th) click on this link:

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