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The Piano Accordion
« on: January 19, 2018, 09:57:53 AM »
A Piano Accordion is very like a Keyboard in that it has black and white notes for you to play the melody, but has 'buttons' to play the chords with the left hand.


It is the layout of these 'chord buttons' that is so interesting as they are not placed next to each other according to any 'scale', but are set up according to the Circle of Fifths.  For those of you who play from chords, any group of three adjacent chords in this Circle of Fifths are the 'basic' chords for the key in the middle.  Eg. F, C and G are the basic chords for playing in the key of C. 


So to arrange the chord buttons on a piano accordion in this fashion would mean that you wouldn't have to 'jump' too far to play the chords you need.


Don Wherly has played this piece with 'piano accordion' on his AR 100, Under Paris Skies and Maigret.  Click the PLAY once the piece has loaded.
'Sous le ciel de Paris' (Under Paris Skies) was written by Hubert Giraud  in 1951.
Maigret is the Theme tune from the television series of the same name.

This is what Under Paris Skies would sound like played on a 'real' Piano Accordion:

Don tells me that there is one tune that was specifically composed with the arrangement of piano accordion buttons in mind.

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