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Keith Riley-Gledhill

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Tunes of the Month
« on: February 05, 2015, 08:55:28 AM »
When I had an AR80 I started a "Monthly Hands On Challenge" but had to finish when I changed organs.  I have started a similar, but much improved, board on the Tierce de Picardie organ/keyboard forum.

Each month two pieces of music will be provided.  One suitable for novice players and one for more experienced players.  Pieces are recorded as MP3 files and uploaded to a site such as Box with a link being posted on the forum so that others can listen to them.  Players are encouraged to make "constructive" comments in the spirit of trying to help each other improve.  There is no competition just a willingness to help each other.  The board went live last weekend and it is already proving its worth.
I would encourage anyone to join the site and have a look and see if you think that it is for you.  Help is available with any technical issues about recording and sharing files and you will be made most welcome.


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Re: Tunes of the Month
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2017, 10:36:42 AM »
Keith's Monthly Challenge on the Tierce-de-Picardie Forum is no longer operating in the format he has described above.  Instead, there is a 'Challenge Board' with a Theme.  If you can contribute a song for a 'Theme' then do so at any time (ie. there is no closing date for contributions).  There is also a Board where you can just post any piece of music.  And 'constructive' comments are no longer the order of the day.  Comments and discussions about the music, yes .. but 'Constructive comments' are too much like a 'criticism' when you have spent hours putting something together!  So look at the TDP Forum as a 'fun' Forum for any organ or keyboard, with plenty of topics to look at (as AR Group has) and also somewhere to post your music as MP3.

To read more about the Tierce-de-Picardie Forum click this LINK:

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