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Hubert Klötzer

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Another browser
« on: December 06, 2016, 11:47:28 AM »
Hi Hugh,
Because of problems with my Safari browser I have installed a further browser chrome from google. Would you be so kind to give me an access for this browser too. Thank you.
Hubert Klötzer
Ostelsheim, Germany

Hugh Wallington

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Re: Another browser
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2016, 07:27:34 PM »
Hi Hubert,

Access to AR Group is not dependent on which browser you use.  For example, I use both Google Chrome and Firefox and get into the FORUM with either one.  What is different is that you will not be 'automatically logged in' when you switch to another browser, as it is the Browser that remembers your access details (not the AR Group website). I find that when using either Google Chrome or Firefox on a different computer I am automatically logged in when accessing after the initial 'Log On'..

The Web Address for AR Group FORUM is:

So first, Highlight and COPY the address above (or make a note of it on a piece of paper).  To 'highlight' the address click with your mouse just to the left of the 'h' in 'http' and HOLD the button down as you 'drag' the mouse to the end of the address.  Release the mouse button.  The address will be highlighted in blue.

Now, on your keypad, hold down the Ctrl button and press the letter C (Ctrl + C).  This will 'Copy' the address to the 'Clipboard'.

Close the browser down and open your new browser.  Click with the mouse in the address bar at the top, and using the keypad press and hold the Ctrl and press the letter V (Ctrl + V).  This will 'Paste' the address from the 'Clipboard' into the address bar.

Press the 'Return' on your keypad (or the Go at the end of the address bar) and the AR Group Homepage will launch in your new browser.

(If you had made a note of the Web Address you can just launch your new browser and type it straight in without 'Copying' or 'Pasting' anything)

You will only see the basic Homepage so now need to put in your USERNAME and PASSWORD that you had set up.  Make sure you choose the option to 'stay logged in .. for ever' .. and then when you leave, don't click the Log Out .. just click the 'X' in the corner.

AR Admin