Author Topic: Yamaha AR80 with Galileo App on Ipad making a Hybrid YamaHammond Organ  (Read 2006 times)

Keith Adamson

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I have had a crack at combining the Yamaha AR voices with Galileo Organ for Ipad ( a virtual clonewheel organ ) to make a YamaHammond Sound.

As the Yamaha organ doesn't send its auxilliary input sound ( to where I have connected the audio out from the Ipad  ) to the Yamaha's line-out,  I had to record from the headphone output which I found slightly distorted the recording, so I placed a pair of ( binaural mics ) on my ears with the headphones over the top of them and recorded the resultant sound. This worked much better than I thought it might, as I also found recording direct from the line-out into my Olympus recorder resulted in weak bass and exaggerated treble.

I love the combined sound which Yamaha purists may not do, so apologises to them. Hope some may find it interesting though.