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How to join the AR Group
« on: September 03, 2011, 10:57:08 AM »
AR Group

This is a site specifically for Yamaha AR Organ owners (AR80 or AR100)
.. although you do not have to own an AR in order to join.

Please note that you cannot Register by completing any Registration form showing in this FORUM

To become a Member of AR Group (and thereby have access to all the topics in the FORUM) you must Email Hugh Wallington (Administrator .. it's me who does the Registrations).

My email address can be found in the Board  Contact Details for AR Group.

To Register you we shall need (so please include this information in your email):

.. a USERNAME .. so please send me one to use.  Once chosen, this cannot be changed.
.. a PASSWORD .. so please send me one I can use to enable you to log in.  Once you have managed to Log In you can change the Password to something else of your choice.  You enter it twice and then confirm with the temporary password you are sending me.
I need an email address too, but I will already have this on your email to me.  Please note that when you join, your email address is not made visible to anyone apart from the Administrators (not even other Members) but Members can contact each other via the internal 'Message' System.  So please do not change the option on your Profile that allows Members to do this.
I also need a location of where you live.  Not your actual address, but the nearest Town/Village, the County (if in UK) .. and Country.
And lastly, a list of any organs/keyboards you own or have access to

The other Administrator is Peter Anderson and both he and I have an AR 80.
Hugh (Wallington) .. ADMIN
AR Admin