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Read this first
« on: March 29, 2017, 07:55:48 AM »
ARG Crossword Puzzles

You will have to know some of the names and/or initials of AR Group's members, JOT participants, also instrumental voices & other features of the AR Organ to fully complete the crosswords.

In order to assist with names, Hugh and Peter have, kindly, created the following links.

Members Past and Present (PDF)

List of Members Past and Present

Just One Tune Song Index and Just One Tune Player Index .. as Excel documents, or PDF.  Just click on a PDF link to immediately read the document on screen.  Printing is not recommended as these two documents contain 28 pages each!

Puzzles will be posted every 10 days, or so, with the solution to the previous puzzle.

Puzzles will be in PDF format, and can be printed out.  So sharpen your wits, pencils and listen to your favorite CD (or JOT disk) while you give it a go.