Author Topic: What inspires you to play a piece of music?  (Read 16 times)

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What inspires you to play a piece of music?
« on: December 03, 2019, 12:40:57 PM »
I suppose I could put some music up in front of me and just play something, but I prefer to work on something that really gets me inspired.  Maybe something I have heard on the radio, or something I have heard another Member play.  And recently I have heard a Member of TDP (Jon D) play Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world".  This reminded me of when I had first heard this song, and I thought then that it had some wonderful harmonies in it.

So first, to listen to how this tune had been recorded originally.  Then I could maybe get some idea as to what sort of backing (Style) to have.  With keyboard players, they probably have a Style ready and waiting for them to jump straight in and play it.  But not with the AR.  We do have Styles, but they are somewhat limited, and in this Topic I want to show you how I go about creating a suitable Style for me to play it on my AR.

Here's the original that came out as a 45rpm single.  Nearly 80 thousand views, so it must be good!

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Listening to this, I can hear an arpeggio in the background running right through it.  If I want a Style to suit this song it must have two basic ingredients:  (a)  it has to be in 6/8 time (which this is), and (b) it must have an arpeggio running in the background.

And then I found another version of this song.  Still Louis Armstrong, but this time with him on stage with his band, and singling it with that wonderful smile that he has.  If you listen to this, what do you hear?  No arpeggios this time!  What we have running right through is a 'repeating piano'.  They didn't have that in the original version; and they don't have any arpeggios in this version.

Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world ( 1967 )

So now I'm thinking I want to have a Style with (a) 6/8 timing, and (b) it must have a 'repeating piano' running in the background.

Now, off to go looking for a STYLE with both the arpeggio and the repeating piano.

To be continued ..
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